Jules lives in the beautiful and very popular surfing village of Polzeath, North Cornwall. With a love of creativity she moved from a career in nursing and turned her passion for recycling and the natural world into a business. In 2016 she set up Jules Stenning Jewellery – a conscious jewellery brand that produces designs inspired by the natural environment. She is now established as a quality jewellery designer in North Cornwall.


Cornwall is a breath of fresh air, it fires up my imagination, relaxes the mind and allows the creative juices to flow! I aim to create stunning unique ethical pieces of jewellery inspired by nature and my love of recycling “

I am constantly inspired by the natural world and my work is influenced by forms, colours, shapes and textures of the coast and the beaches around me. Living by the coast I walk regularly and its amazing how many different textures, colours and shapes you can see around you if you really look! I love to add texture to my pieces and use a range of techniques to achieve this. My designs are fluid and develop naturally as I use coastal beauty as my starting point. I am also keen on recycling and take my pick-up stick and bucket to the beach regularly, we all need to do our bit for the environment. This is what led me to making Gin Glass Jewellery! Clearly I love to drink the Gin, but what better then to be able to reuse the empty bottle, making it into beautiful jewellery. I fuse the gin glass in my own kiln, then use it with recycled Sterling Silver, reuse,reuse,reuse is my motto!


Jules makes ETHICAL jewellery for the ECO-CONSCIOUS, her aim is to respect the planet and run an ethical, sustainable business. She has worked as a Silversmith since 2016, making beautiful nature inspired pieces in her garden workshop in Polzeath North Cornwall. She uses a range of techniques from traditional to contemporary to create texture, often showing the marks of process. She uses hammers to create patterns and marks on the surface of the Silver to reflect the texture found around her, on stones, pebbles, walls and sand.