22344503_903770606441508_8982302879809273856_nJules lives in the beautiful and very popular surfing village of Polzeath, North Cornwall, having spent years holidaying in the area. Her love of creativity moved her away from her career in nursing so she undertook silversmith training in Bristol Spring 2016 and moved to her beloved Cornwall. She is now established as a quality jewellery designer in North Cornwall and a member of the Made in Cornwall Scheme.

All of her jewellery designs begin and come to life in her garden workshop, she takes inspiration from many things, the natural world around her, things that she sees, the coast, places she’s been, and emotions she feels. Her work is influenced by the forms, colours, shapes and moods of the coast and beaches around her.

Cornwall is a breath of fresh air; firing up my imagination and creative juices as I wander the cliff tops, walk along the beaches, and tip toe through the rock pools!”

Jules often makes her own chains which are asymmetrical, she individually cuts, solders and forms the links into an organic shape. She also has a love of texture and will use different hammering techniques to add different indentations to her silver or gold pieces.

Her recent works include Granulation as she adds balls of Gold and Silver to her jewellery, piling them up like pebbles on a beach. Her attention to detail and emphasis on the unique has given her a reputation for quality, with her jewellery being worn as everyday jewellery or to a special occasion.

Her work concentrates on an Eco theme as she uses RECYCLED Sterling Silver (Eco Silver) and 9ct RECYCLED Gold (Eco Gold). She also works with 18ct Fairtrade Gold to create beautiful designs for the Eco Conscious using a range of techniques, mixing modern with ancient as she handcrafts individual pieces.


Selections of her work can be seen at Zeath Gallery Polzeath, just a short flight of steps from the beach, and Toe in the Water Gallery, Fowey, a gorgeous Gallery full of Artistic Talent on the way from the Car park to the quay. She also sells here

Buying Fairtrade Gold means that together, we can support small-scale miners, build a brighter future for themselves, their families and communities. If you would like a special piece of jewellery made in this precious material, please get in touch through the contact page.

More info can be found here ~www.fairtrade.org.uk

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She is a member of the Made in Cornwall Scheme and approved by Trading Standards so you can be assured that you really are getting a genuine piece of Jewellery handcrafted here in Cornwall.




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