November 2018

Hello All!!

Have you missed me?!! I just don’t know where the time has gone this year! Isn’t it totally crazy how fast it goes….

So before I get COMPLETELY bogged down with Christmas ( And it is really  busy already!!!) I thought I’d better do a quick update.

Summer continued to be ‘full on’ with orders and I’m so so pleased with my trading this year 🙂



Toe in the Water in Fowey have continued to sell my jewellery and are so brilliant…their gallery is stocked full of many many gorgeous items, the staff are so friendly as is the owner Max! Plus he is super efficient sending me a spreadsheet every month! My jewellery is displayed beautifully and has consistently sold..I love taking a trip over there…from one coast to another!


Zeath Gallery in Polzeath has had my jewellery for sale through the season. It’s so handy for me being just down the road from where I live!! It is now CLOSED until February next year and I have some GREAT ideas for a new range of jewellery for next year. It will be very different to the kind of jewellery I have been selling there this year so you’ll have to WAIT AND SEE!!

I still have a small collection at the local store in Trebetherick which sells food/drink and a selection of gifts, although its not normally a place you’d go to get jewellery, I have sold a number of items there. People take a look at the display case whilst they’re in there buying other things! And I think being a member of the Made in Cornwall Scheme is great, people like that the jewellery is made locally.


I have now been taken on as the ONLY jeweller at The Wild Garlic Studio Trebetheric, a sweet little studio adjoining Estuary Estate Agents. It has some beautiful home furnishings in there, mirrors, lampshades and art, and now a large cabinet filled with my handmade jewellery. The Studio concentrates on items Made in Cornwall so I proudly display my Certificate from the Made in Cornwall Scheme there. My work is quite varied and ALL different so you can be sure that you are getting a truly UNIQUE piece of jewellery.

Well from a business point of view this has been a totally AWESOME YEAR! And considering I only started Late 2016 I really am pleased! I’d NEVER done Silversmithing before, NEVER made jewellery, and NEVER sold anything I’d made!! So to be making a profit, loving what I’m doing and in a job thats creative, flexible, and enjoyable…well what more can you want!!

I’ve continued to be a member of the Made in Cornwall Scheme and love being a part of it…to be one of the gang…to be supported by other people in Cornwall…to have that feeling of belonging is just fantastic. Thank you Made in Cornwall and the Cornwall Council!!!

I’ve also become a Member of the National Association of Jewellers!!!! How GREAT is that!! To be part of such a prestigious National Association and recently I’ve joined the Guild of Jewellery Designers! So many logos to use!!

guild of jewellery designers

Etsy has continued to sell well but my next task will be to add a shopping cart to this website…I dont find all this computer stuff easy so it may take me a bit of time to sort…but I WILL DO IT!!

Next year my jewellery will be slightly different and I’ve been learning some new skills so it’s very exciting. Won’t say any more on that for now as I don’t want to give the game away but you’ll soon see 🙂

So now I better stop as I’ve an order to do and more silver supplies to be bought. I will finish off with some lovely reviews that have recently arrived…aren’t people so lovely saying such positive, nice things about my jewellery that they’ve bought! So kind and very much appreciated. 

I’d like to wish you all a very happy, joyful Christmas and New Year with your friends and family! Enjoy the festivities and see you in 2019! X Jules

Art Deco Earrings

So pleased with these. They are even better than I expected. Very good value and a great shopping experience. Thank you.

Joyce – November 2018

Art Deco Pendant

This pendant is beautiful. I ordered it for my dad as a gift for mum and he was delighted. It’s totally unique and very pretty.

Chris- November 2018

July 2018

Morning all!

Well what a month July was! I’ve honestly had the best month since I started trading! I’ve just been selling, selling, selling and with the sun shining, blue skies, everyone on holiday and happy it’s been great!

I decided last month that I would re-jig my prices a bit, come down a bit lower to get more interest, and also increase the amount of stock I had available on Etsy. And it worked 🙂

My prices are still good for me, but with more sales come more reviews – yippee they are all 5 star!  *****

“utterly beautiful and so unique. I love it” 

Silver and Gold Necklace, Oneofakind, Eco Necklace, Rock Pool Pendant, Textured Silver, Granulation Pendant, Hallmarked, Made in UK


Another review later!

I started this month by taking a little trip to Fowey, my jewellery is on show in a little gallery there called Toe in the Water. Its a wonderful place crammed full of beautiful gifts and art to buy, so many lovely items! Its on the South Coast of Cornwall and I live on the North so it makes a nice change to have a drive over, wander around and catch up with how my jewellery is doing…..MUST GO AGAIN!! I’ve been having a little sale of some items there and I must say they display them BEAUTIFULLY! Here are some of them in the window, and some ladies having a closer look!


With the sun shining, my thoughts were on beachy jewellery so I made a batch of toe rings, ear cuffs and silver and turquoise earrings. WOW THEY HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL!

The toe rings are stamped or hammered and the surf wave has been very popular, the ear cuffs are fab, I wear mine every day and NO PIERCING REQUIRED so even better! The hammered texture ones are the best seller, and the Silver Circle Earrings with Turquoise Gemstones are so beautiful, Eco Silver used, the first pair sold straight after a Instagram post…didn’t even get to Etsy! All these items look great whilst being easy to make so I can supply them very quickly…although I need to ensure I’ve the Gemstones in stock!


More turquoise items have followed, rings and pendants, and I’ve made a few items using the very stunning Swarovski Crystals. They are amazing the way they catch the light! Earrings and bracelets have sold, and some I’ve just HAD to keep for myself! Blue is always popular so below are some fab blue crystals!! If you want something made using these gorgeous crystals let me know and what coloured ones you want..then I can custom make for you!


I’ve continued to make items using the very lovely FAIRTRADE GOLD and will carry on with it, its such a worthy cause and I know its more expensive to make with and for you lovely customers to buy, but you can be assured that the money is going to help the miners and their families have a better life. All my Fairtrade Gold comes from an authorised seller and I am on the FAIRTRADE GOLD REGISTERED USER list so you can find me there in Polzeath, North Cornwall 🙂

So through July I was selling so well and I actually reached the 100 SALES mark on Etsy so I’m very chuffed. I must say though that using the BRITISH CRAFTERS promotion site has been wonderful. For a small price she will promote your items on social media and she has many followers so it has for sure made a difference to my sales. It’s so well done, her posts are eye-catching, and she (Dottie) is great at communication! I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND them and lets hope my good sales continue!

I also decided this month to step down from the Zeath Gallery in Polzeath. Its a lovely little gallery and local for me but my life is just a bit busy at the moment so it’s hard to commit to sitting in the gallery one day a week.

So my jewellery will be there till the end of the season. I may keep my eyes and ears open for another gallery that will support my Eco ethos as I shall continue with RECYCLED Silver, Recycled 9ct Gold, and 18ct FAIRTRADE Gold.

“I’m thrilled with the necklace, it is beautifully made and arrived incredibly quickly in gorgeous packaging. I’m so pleased with it, it’ll make a lovely gift”

Long Silver Necklace, Art Deco Pendant, Statement Necklace, Long Necklace, Oneofakind, JulesStenningDesign

I’m in the process of getting new gift boxes to send my jewellery out in so look out for more news on that! They will still be recycled gift boxes but will have my logo embossed in a stunning aqua metallic in the centre of the box. Looks amazing and will be done by the very helpful Tiny Box company, they have so many different items that a seller can use! Well worth checking them out if you need any packaging!
I’ve also just joined the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JEWELLERS so more about that next month! Exciting times eh!!
So bye bye for now, enjoy whats left of Summer, I can’t believe the nights are drawing in already! I’m off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for some very healthy days laughing myself silly!


June 2018


Welcome to July everyone and phew!!!!!What a hot one it is!! And not only is it a hot one but a BUSY one too!!

In June I took on another job….looking after the plants for a local restaurant, namely the roof terrace herb garden and also all the indoor planting. So a certain amount of time was spent looking for new plants for inside, and nice ceramic planters, also removing plants from the roof terrace that had either died or were in a bad state, and planting new. I also included a few perennials and flowering plants to cheer it up!

Its looking good but boy oh boy this hot weather means watering, watering, watering! A few things are struggling now ( bit like me in the heat!!) but we shall see and if needs be I shall have to plant again in the autumn.

The roof terrace is a wonderful area, great place to sit and the view just stunning! What a fab place to work!


June also saw me going to the Royal Cornwall Show….never been to a show like that before! Good fun…saw horse-jumping, sheep-shearing, lots of VERY big Bulls, Falconry, and even saw Price Charles and Camilla!!! Good day out, so much to see, will definitely go again next year and try to see more!


One of my jewellery buys in June was a gizmo to create perfect waves in a bangle…its so good! Very easy to use and you can get different moulds depending on how many waves you want. I got it from a company called Proops Brothers, they sell lots of different tools for all sorts of things, and very reasonably priced too! So I’ve made a few bangles in different thicknesses of Eco Silver wire and we shall see if they are popular!


I’ve been selling so so well lately from Etsy so I’m very pleased, I did review my pricing and that together with increasing the number of listings seems to have made a difference. I’ve also used a couple of times now a great promotional company who state on their site ‘With a Facebook following of over 25K, over 47K Twitter followers and over 16K Instagram followers we really can take the strain off you and promote your shop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Instagram!’ They are lovely to deal with and I’m very sure they have made a difference to my sales.

June saw me make my first sale to another country! A pair of cufflinks to Germany, and very strangely in the same week, ANOTHER sale to a man in Germany buying a present for his lady 🙂 It did make me realise however that my prices for posting abroad were too low!!!



One of my sales this month was an Art Deco Pendant that I made with Eco Silver and a vivid blue fused glass centre. The lady who bought it was thrilled with it and it was a gift for her mother. she wrote such a lovely review:



‘I’m thrilled with the necklace, it is beautifully made and arrived incredibly quickly in gorgeous packaging. I’m so pleased with it, it’ll make a lovely gift’

I also sent these earrings to a repeat customer who wanted them with hooks rather than studs, so I duly obliged and received this review:

‘Just beautiful. Sent a query, had an answer, ordered the earings and had them on my doorstep within 3 days. Love it. I will be back! Thank you so much 💜’

It really brings a smile to your face when you get nice comments and it gives me such a happy feeling which lasts for ages 🙂




My best selling pendant in June has to be the Russian Ring Pendant, or Trinity Pendant. Made from 3 interlocking rings its a stunner!

To date I’ve only made it in Solid Eco Silver but my next plan is to make one in Silver, Copper and Yellow Gold…I reckon it will look amazing!! Would you buy one???


To date I’ve only made it in Solid Eco Silver but my next plan is to make one in Silver, Copper and Yellow Gold…I reckon it will look amazing!! Would you buy one???

Lots of ideas have been swirling around my head but in all honesty I’m just so busy! I DO want to make some more Dichroic Glass jewellery as I’ve SO SO MANY cabochons waiting for me in my workshop and they are calling out to be set in silver! My daughter is always telling me how many comments she gets on the pendant I made her so lets just do it! they will suit the Boho, hippy, Festival, Arty market so why not eh! Here’s a ring only just done with some large hoop Boho Earrings! Cool eh!


I’ve had a number of commissions which include one of my Silver Circle Infinity necklaces which a lady bought for herself and then decided to get one for her sister who’d just had a baby! She also commissioned a set of stacking bangles for her mother with a tag on stamped with an Infinity on one side and the roman numerals for 13 on the other…her 13th grandchild!! Another lady wanted the Russian ring Pendant but hammered on one side only as she was going to get the reverse side engraved 🙂

Other works this month have included a pretty Semicolon pendant for Mental Health.

Wear this and remind yourself YOUR STORY ISN’T OVER YET X

The semicolon symbol represents mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention.

But why a semicolon?

“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.”

This piece is for those who would like to support those fighting mental health stigma, have a love with with mental illness or a personal reminder; mental illness or not; be strong, don’t give up and keep fighting.

My work with Silver and Fairtrade Gold continues as will items made with those beautiful Swarvoski crystals so watch this space for more news on items made!! Time for me to go as the workshop needs me and got to get cracking so more updates at the end of the month 🙂 XXX

May 2018

Hello again!

Well what happened to April and May! I’m not sure, basically I think I’m a little disorganised and I REALLY need to improve on this! I tend to get bogged down with gardening, decorating, household things, going for coffee at the beach (well you can understand that!) and also travelling back and forth from my home in Polzeath, Cornwall to Bath in Somerset (previous home where I have lots of friends and family living).

In April we had a wonderful time with my son and daughter-in-law visiting us in Cornwall for 5 days with our utterly gorgeous grandson Teddie…awww so so cute and he behaved himself so well! We even went out for a meal one evening!


April also saw me becoming another year older! Don’t these birthdays come around so fast! I always remember my mother telling me the years fly by quicker as you get older!!!! How right she is! So another little trip to Bath and we all got together for a birthday meal, at a place called ‘The Pig Near Bath’ REALLY yummy food and they have enormous kitchen gardens growing so much of the food they then serve, the menu ever changing as different items come into season. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 🙂


I also took a trip to see an old friend who lives in Pembrokeshire…is quite a long way from Cornwall! So now we meet in Cardiff when I’m back in Bath…a short train ride city to city. On arriving i was in need of a coffee so was taken to a wonderful little place and had THE most amazing egg custard tart!!! Just so yummy…slightly warm, mmmmm, at NataCo Cardiff, a Portuguese Dessert shop opposite the castle entrance. I WILL be back! Visited Cardiff Castle and sat in the grounds drinking tea with the sun shining and chat chat chat!! Happy day 🙂 We talked about life and ambitions, and jewellery of course! Its interesting to see what other peoples opinions are!


And onto May!! Well in May my lovely husband and I celebrated 30 years of marriage so decided to go for a picnic where we had our honeymoon…in Coombe North Cornwall. Bit of a misty day but didn’t stop us enjoying! Coombe looked as lovely as ever, a collection of cottages owned by the Landmark Trust and rented out, very quaint. We had many holidays there over the years with other family members. We walked to Hawkers Hut near Morwenstow, had our picnic and Champagne then a massive cream tea!! Great day, great memories X


And so the JEWELLERY!!! In May I’ve been quite busy making some pieces using GOLD.  Now I’m a FAIRTRADE GOLD jeweller I’m starting to incorporate it into my work. It’s 18ct SOLID Gold and it’s SO SHINY!! I must make more but as it is expensive I need to sell a bit more first! I’ve made a few daisy studs and a matching pendant, both very delicate and consist of 2 layers of Eco Silver all hand sawn with the beautiful Fairtrade Gold in the centre. I think they look wonderful, and would be FAB at a wedding, or for the Bride to wear 🙂

I’ve also started making a Rock Pool Range with Gold and Silver Granulation, love this fairly new way for me of making jewellery, lots of little balls of silver all piled up together, some flattened, some round, like a pile of pebbles on the beach!


A few bracelets have been made. some just chain links with a surf wave stamped on a silver tag, some using stunning SWARVOSKI crystals that glint and shine in the sun! There are some CUFFLINKS made for those that have a wedding to go to, or even for FATHER’S DAY and more Triple Ring or Russian Ring Pendants, which are turning out to be a real hit!

I know I must make some more rings as everyone loves them, but I do find it tricky…if you make lots they are usually the wrong size for the person that wants!! I have some great ideas in my head so watch this space!.

Its been quite a busy month so far and my sales through Etsy have really  risen which is great news! So I’ve been ordering more silver and gold to keep up with stock. Thanks Cookson Gold they are great suppliers, very quick and have a great selection for us jewellery makers. I’ve just sent another batch off to the Assay Office in Birmingham which is always worth doing and if items weigh more than 7.78g they have to be Hallmarked anyway. They too are always helpful and can do really quick turnaround time if needed.

Basically I’m a really busy bee working not just for myself as a self employed jeweller, but also I’ve recently started looking after the herb garden roof terrace and the indoor planting for the Waterfront restaurant in Polzeath. Lots of watering to be done but what a superb place to do it! I stand on the terrace and look out to the beach and smile 🙂20180602_102139[1]

So better get on, listings to do, commissions to make and its time for a glass of wine!! I hope you all are well, do keep visiting my Etsy store and my Instagram feed (Jules Stenning Design) and GET IN TOUCH if there’s anything you think I may find interesting or new ideas of what I can make 🙂

See you next month XXX

March 2018

So here we are again! Been meaning to do this for days but doesn’t life get so so busy!!

I live in Polzeath, Cornwall but seem to be spending quite a bit of time dashing between Bath, Somerset and here…well with a new grandson (my first), family commitments as my mother is in Wiltshire, my daughter living in Bath and son and wife with baby in the Chew Valley we seem to be on the road quite a bit! How I find time to make jewellery I shall never know!!!

My grandson is just GORGEOUS and his parents are getting on so well…all seems very relaxed and ‘chilled’ when we are there!teddie 3 weeks

He’s healthy and they’re so so happy, as am I to be a Nana!

So back to jewellery…well I had good intentions of doing more but the weather lately has been a bit on the chilly side!! My workshop is in the garden and even though I can have an electric heater out there there’s no insulation in the floor and my feet have been FREEZING!! So… I stopped for a bit…just no point when that cold….we are in Cornwall and usually warmer down here but wow…bit of a shock going into minus figures! And snow on the beach..whats that all about!! It looked positively arctic!

snow in polz

Sales have been quite slow post christmas so I’ve been trying to get my head around the direction I will take. I have to say I’ve really been enjoying using GOLD in my work…there are SO SO MANY Silversmiths out there…using Silver is great and I love it myself but just for a change I think the Yellow Gold is gorgeous. It makes the item even more Special, and of course adds value to the piece, ( and costs more to make!!!) but I think the end result is super duper.

I tend now to use Ecosilver which is RECYCLED STERLING SILVER and have been using RECYCLED GOLD too. I think people nowadays are quite eco conscious so it can only be a good thing. I also use Recycled gift boxes stamped with my logo.

Here are a few of my Silver and Gold pieces:


The wrap ring has been very popular and we shall see how the Rock Pool range goes. I’ve taken to also making some LONGER necklaces and pendants as up til now I’ve usually done ones that are 16 – 18″ but many woman prefer the longer ones. They can of course also be used for layering which can be very fashionable. Longer necklaces again are less often seen…usually because of course they are using more material be it silver or gold and are therefore more expensive to make and so sell at a higher price…that’s business!!

The latest works I’ve made are still on the silver and gold theme with some pendants and stacking rings.



I have a great little dremel drill to drill holes through the silver but annoyingly the drill bits just kept breaking when I was trying to drill through THICK pieces of silver. So….I’ve bought a hand drill! Slow to do but it gets there in the end and I’m so pleased with the heart pendant I’ve made!



With using all these recycled materials I’ve investigated using Fairtrade Gold and am now a FAIRTRADE FOUNDATION REGISTERED JEWELLER so will be buying some soon! I really feel that considering i haven’t been in this business 2 years yet I’m quite proud of what I’ve achieved so far…just hope that my work is enjoyed by you all and those that have bought are pleased with their items. I shall continue to strive to be better and you can check my developments by reading my blog! And any requests just let me know!


Right….time to finish taking pics of jewellery (not something I find easy at all so apologies if they aren’t as professional as others!) STILL haven’t finished sorting this website either….Keep going Jules…keep going x



February 2018

Well I seriously cannot believe we are in February already! Wheres the time going?! January just SHOT by and I had such good intentions of doing so so much!!

I’m supposed to be getting organised and making new stock for the galleries where my work is shown but other events have meant I’ve spent some time away from my beloved Polzeath!

So life events have put paid to my jewellery making and I shall have to catch up later…!!! I did manage to make some new pieces though and here are a few of them!



Over the next year I shall be producing some statement pieces, more items with 9ct gold and shall be using certain Gemstones. Together with these new designs I shall of course continue to produce and sell the items you all like!! There will be some simple necklaces and pendants, together with stacking rings, bangles, spinning rings and stunning studs (got some fab ideas brewing for them too but you will see later!!)

I have to say I’m loving some of the earrings I’ve been making, there are a number which have charms or beads with them and whats FANTASTIC is that you can wear them with or without the charms!!!! So its like 2 PAIRS OF EARRINGS FOR THE PRICE OF 1!!


I may use flat silver for the charms or beads/gemstones so the choices are endless! Above are some gold earrings below are some only using Sterling Silver.


And here are the VERY FIRST!! hoops I’ve made! Don’t know why its taken me so long!!! They really are brill! Large silver hoops from square wire, with stud posts and guess what…..optional black swarvoski charm beads!


With February half term round the corner many of the businesses in Cornwall are gearing themselves up again, and the galleries that sell my work are open now or very close to being open!! Zeath Gallery in Polzeath opens on the 10th and I’m to be there manning the place. Having been away from Cornwall I’m a bit behind in price labels and the like but I’m sure I will catch up 🙂

Finally here are a few long earrings from new ranges and they are so different…but thats me all over…quirky! One style has domed, stamped sterling silver round studs, with a small hole drilled at the base. There hangs a silver wire with a coil of copper at the end, held in place with a molten silver ball. The earring drop sways and moves, such fun and looks glorious! The other has hand sawn flowers from Silver sheet, a 9ct gold ball in the centre of the flower. Silver chain hangs from the flower with a silver heart at the base. They are made with stud posts, are beautiful, delicate and light, so easy to wear 🙂


So there’s a little update for you and see you next month!!


Jules X

January 2018

Hello all and Happy New Year!!

First of all THANK YOU to all you lovely people that have supported, encouraged and bought from me last year. Is truly appreciated, and I so love you all! 

Well its January 2018 now and I’ve been having a rethink on how to run the small business I have!

Last year was my first full year of trading and I started with an Etsy Store, a Facebook page and managed to become involved with my local gallery here in Polzeath, Cornwall. called Zeath.

What I found was that there was a flurry of Etsy sales at the start which then dwindled and dwindled through the year. I don’t really understand as my jewellery and pricing remained much the same but have been told its all to do with Search Engines. I’m afraid that’s all beyond me!!!

There are also THOUSANDS of people selling silver jewellery on Etsy so competition is fierce, and consequently difficult to get sales.

I’ve had lots of interest through Facebook but little sales so I think its best I keep this website up to date with a monthly blog.

My first year of sales has been fantastic but its taken a while to work out what you lovely customers tend to want! What sells well at the beach in Polzeath is not the same as the items that sell inland! These have sold from Zeath Gallery, Polzeath.

A large selection of my jewellery is for sale at a Gallery not too far from Polzeath, in the town of Wadebridge. The Gallery is called Mog and Crusoe and owned by Jo, a lovely, talented artist. I’m very happy that I have her support and she has sold many of my pieces. Customers go to her gallery looking for that SPECIAL item, a UNIQUE one-off! These are a few of the items sold there last year.


So, the summer was a busy one and I spend a day most weeks working at the Zeath Gallery. Its lovely to see customers and have a chat, and I can also pop out onto the balcony that overlooks the beach at Polzeath. How lucky am I!!! PLUS the Tubestation cafe next door has wonderful cakes and coffee!! The Zeath Gallery closed at the end of October as the ‘tourist’ season slowed down and will reopen February half Term 🙂

Towards the end of last year I got in touch with a gallery by the South Coast in Fowey. I think its important that you choose to contact galleries that are a distance from each other and many galleries in Cornwall have a kind of unwritten rule not to take artists work if they are already in a gallery close by. Makes perfect sense to me and I only want to be in a selected few places. That way I can concentrate on them and they also feel you care more about them 🙂

I had been seen on Instagram, by a gallery called Toe in The Water in Fowey and I loved the idea of having some of my work in that area. I’d actually never visited Fowey so took a trip there one day to see what it was like and where the gallery was. What a quaint place…lots of little roads, boats, harbour, nice cafes and the gallery in a perfect location on the route down to Fowey from the car park!! So I contacted Max the owner, also a very good artist, arranged to see him with some of my work and he’s taken some in to sell. Here’s my jewellery in his window 🙂

A number of items have sold there and its exciting to see how my jewellery sells during this year!

This year then sees me firstly trying to get this website better laid out, if I can!! (not the greatest with computers!!)

My jewellery this year will have more emphasis on Statement pieces, and also include more use of 9CT YELLOW GOLD, BEADS/PEARLS,  & RECYCLED GOLD AND SILVER following the Fashion trends as seen on the Catwalks!

I’d better get on now as lots to do, jewellery to make and customers to contact! Heres a few pieces just finished for you to see 🙂