New In!!!

Bombay Sapphire Pendant

What’s not to love! Drink the Gin and wear a piece of the bottle!! Handmade by me, I drink the Gin, then clean the bottle, smash it up, fuse it in my kiln, then set in Recycled Sterling Silver (Eco Silver)!

This stunning pendant is now in my shop, only added today, and THERE’S ONLY ONE AT THE MO!! So get yourself there and get it quick! There MUST be some Gin lovers out there and for a special gift get some earrings to go with it!!!

I have a few more pieces to make with the Bombay Sapphire I have, I aim to make a large statement pendant, some drop earrings, and a bangle. None of the pieces are too fancy so as not to detract from the real beauty which is the glass. But I hope you agree, the glass truly is a wonderful colour.

October 19th 2019

Well…..September became October pretty quick didn’t it! I hope you are all well and not too fed up with the rain storms we have been getting lately!

Half term is here and lots of visitors have arrived in Polzeath…and they’ve brought the sun with them! I went on a lovely walk the other day to Greenaway Beach, just along the coast path between Polzeath and Daymer Bay. Here’s a few pics from then, some fabulous textures can be seen on the rock pools!

With this website now up and running it is HAPPY DAYS as orders have been coming in! But what I have realised is that I DO have to promote it more and one of the ways is to regularly post a blog or update! So rather than doing a monthly round up of what I’ve been up to I shall be posting on a more regular basis….with new items made, or new events I’ve attended. A very popular sales item at the moment is the Bombay Sapphire Jewellery and I intend to expand on this by using other gin bottles too! So I’m on the hunt for great coloured glass!

Bombay Sapphire is a beautiful blue and really looks great with silver. It tastes quite nice too! So I drink the gin (with my husband!!) then smash up the bottle, fuse the glass in my kiln, then set in Recycled Silver. Here are the latest items added to my shop…more to come!

The ring is made to order and the blue glass used comes in all sorts of sizes as breaking up a glass bottle doesn’t lead to exact sizes! The oval shape can be placed vertically or horizontally on the ring shank 🙂 So for now, I’ve just received back a whole batch of rings from the Assay Office so I need to get on and set lots of beautiful faceted stones! Enjoy the half term break if you are off with your families x

September 2019

Well September is turning out to be a lovely month isn’t it! The Sun is shining and its lovely and warm. It’s such a great time of year and I feel very privileged that I live in Polzeath. It’s far less crowded and the coastal walks are just lovely! I went on a great walk the other day to the headland at Pentire and took some snaps of the wonderful textures along the way….and all the Blackberries yum yum

Deserted beach, deep blue skies and warm!

We also took a little trip to see one of my favourite local artists, Jethro Jackson at Porthilly Gallery prior to his yearly exhibition at the Rock Institute. Whilst there we bought a fabulous painting, Pentire Abstract. I’m sure it would have flown out at the exhibition so very pleased we snuck in first! And it looks great in our lounge!

Pentire Abstract by Jethro Jackson

So aside from walking and spending money, I’ve also been tending to this website and adding plenty of stock for my Autumn SALE. Most items are 40% OFF so plenty of bargains to be had. I shall be closing my Etsy shop soon I think as I concentrate on sending customers to the website! Its great to finally have one up and running and also great that I can adjust it and tweak it whenever I want instead of having to go through third party. Sales are happening, so its happy days 🙂

This morning I went to Wadebridge and had a coffee in Vittorios, what a lovely atmosphere. Music being played, comfy seats to sit on, a grande piano in the corner and plenty of artwork on the walls. They have live music there every Friday and are starting a comedy evening once a month so I shall definitely head over for that!

Well I’d better get back to work as I have commissions to make and send, plus new business cards to order!

August 2019

Stunning Peridot, the birthstone for August

Well hello all!

It’s been a bit of a strange year this year regarding jewellery and I’m wondering quite why it’s so different to last year! My sales through Etsy were AMAZING last year but sadly this year they have changed their algorithms! This has meant a big drop in sales as they now favour sellers that sell to the U.S and offer free shipping. I made a decision to only sell to the U.K and Europe so my items are no longer found by customers!

In just a few weeks I have set up my website, complete with shopping cart. The right answer as now I can adjust the website whenever I want and am fully in control of it!

Yesterday my first sale went through and it all worked perfectly:)

I’M SO PLEASED WITH MYSELF!!! Ok it may not be as professional as others that have been produced by designers, but I’m happy with it and I will still continue to learn and tweak it! Now all I have to do is learn how to get higher in the searches…SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a whole other ballgame.

So lets hope I can get my website seen now! We will see how it goes. I would love to get my jewellery into another gallery so will be putting the feelers out to see if anyone likes my work. I’m slowly adding products to the shop. Hope you like them all!

So all thats left to say is I hope you enjoy the rest of the Summer, it’s starting to feel Autumnal already! Can you believe it! XXX