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Well what a year we have all had! Crazy times and this Covid virus just won’t go away will it. I’ve had 3 vaccinations now and sadly got Covid a few months ago. It was I must say pretty nasty and I have never ever felt so totally exhausted in my life. It was like a very severe flu with weakness, fatigue and a weird muzzy head. This was me flaked out on my bed after trying to walk around!

Thankfully having had my vaccinations I managed to recover and I’m so grateful I had them.

This year has given me plenty to think about and one thing I have decided is that jewellery making will be no more. Yes it’s sad and I’ve enjoyed my time working with Silver BUT the arthritis in my hands has been getting worse and exacerbated by twisting and fine movements needed when silversmithing. Boy can it be PAINFUL 🙁 So I must be sensible and stop making it worse, after all, arthritis won’t go away and needs to be managed.

So with stepping back from jewellery what am I doing with my time you may ask? Well I like to be busy so I’ve taken up a few new hobbies! The first is…..GOLF! Never played it before and thought it would be something hubbie and I could do together. I ❤ it! But it’s SOOOO HARD, well for me anyway. Its a frustrating game that you can become very addicted to and keep wanting to play more and more in the hopes the next round will be better!!! Best to not get too competitive 🤣

So Golf has become a big part of my life. Another big part is family and this year we became grandparents again, joining our grandson Teddie who is 3 are twins Eleanor Betty and Annie Margaret and they are just gorgeous 😍 my son Sam and his wife Charli are amazing parents, and we love them all to bits. Here are a few pics to make you go Aaaaah and smile!

I still have jewellery in my online store here to purchase and all reasonably priced with FREEPOST too so grab yourself a bargain. Once it’s gone it’s gone!! I’ve had a fun few years making it all but looking forward to a new chapter.

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