New In!!!

Bombay Sapphire Pendant

What’s not to love! Drink the Gin and wear a piece of the bottle!! Handmade by me, I drink the Gin, then clean the bottle, smash it up, fuse it in my kiln, then set in Recycled Sterling Silver (Eco Silver)!

This stunning pendant is now in my shop, only added today, and THERE’S ONLY ONE AT THE MO!! So get yourself there and get it quick! There MUST be some Gin lovers out there and for a special gift get some earrings to go with it!!!

I have a few more pieces to make with the Bombay Sapphire I have, I aim to make a large statement pendant, some drop earrings, and a bangle. None of the pieces are too fancy so as not to detract from the real beauty which is the glass. But I hope you agree, the glass truly is a wonderful colour.

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