November 2018

Hello All!!

Have you missed me?!! I just don’t know where the time has gone this year! Isn’t it totally crazy how fast it goes….

So before I get COMPLETELY bogged down with Christmas ( And it is really  busy already!!!) I thought I’d better do a quick update.

Summer continued to be ‘full on’ with orders and I’m so so pleased with my trading this year 🙂



Toe in the Water in Fowey have continued to sell my jewellery and are so brilliant…their gallery is stocked full of many many gorgeous items, the staff are so friendly as is the owner Max! Plus he is super efficient sending me a spreadsheet every month! My jewellery is displayed beautifully and has consistently sold..I love taking a trip over there…from one coast to another!


Zeath Gallery in Polzeath has had my jewellery for sale through the season. It’s so handy for me being just down the road from where I live!! It is now CLOSED until February next year and I have some GREAT ideas for a new range of jewellery for next year. It will be very different to the kind of jewellery I have been selling there this year so you’ll have to WAIT AND SEE!!

I still have a small collection at the local store in Trebetherick which sells food/drink and a selection of gifts, although its not normally a place you’d go to get jewellery, I have sold a number of items there. People take a look at the display case whilst they’re in there buying other things! And I think being a member of the Made in Cornwall Scheme is great, people like that the jewellery is made locally.


I have now been taken on as the ONLY jeweller at The Wild Garlic Studio Trebetheric, a sweet little studio adjoining Estuary Estate Agents. It has some beautiful home furnishings in there, mirrors, lampshades and art, and now a large cabinet filled with my handmade jewellery. The Studio concentrates on items Made in Cornwall so I proudly display my Certificate from the Made in Cornwall Scheme there. My work is quite varied and ALL different so you can be sure that you are getting a truly UNIQUE piece of jewellery.

Well from a business point of view this has been a totally AWESOME YEAR! And considering I only started Late 2016 I really am pleased! I’d NEVER done Silversmithing before, NEVER made jewellery, and NEVER sold anything I’d made!! So to be making a profit, loving what I’m doing and in a job thats creative, flexible, and enjoyable…well what more can you want!!

I’ve continued to be a member of the Made in Cornwall Scheme and love being a part of it…to be one of the gang…to be supported by other people in Cornwall…to have that feeling of belonging is just fantastic. Thank you Made in Cornwall and the Cornwall Council!!!

I’ve also become a Member of the National Association of Jewellers!!!! How GREAT is that!! To be part of such a prestigious National Association and recently I’ve joined the Guild of Jewellery Designers! So many logos to use!!

guild of jewellery designers

Etsy has continued to sell well but my next task will be to add a shopping cart to this website…I dont find all this computer stuff easy so it may take me a bit of time to sort…but I WILL DO IT!!

Next year my jewellery will be slightly different and I’ve been learning some new skills so it’s very exciting. Won’t say any more on that for now as I don’t want to give the game away but you’ll soon see 🙂

So now I better stop as I’ve an order to do and more silver supplies to be bought. I will finish off with some lovely reviews that have recently arrived…aren’t people so lovely saying such positive, nice things about my jewellery that they’ve bought! So kind and very much appreciated. 

I’d like to wish you all a very happy, joyful Christmas and New Year with your friends and family! Enjoy the festivities and see you in 2019! X Jules

Art Deco Earrings

So pleased with these. They are even better than I expected. Very good value and a great shopping experience. Thank you.

Joyce – November 2018

Art Deco Pendant

This pendant is beautiful. I ordered it for my dad as a gift for mum and he was delighted. It’s totally unique and very pretty.

Chris- November 2018

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