June 2018


Welcome to July everyone and phew!!!!!What a hot one it is!! And not only is it a hot one but a BUSY one too!!

In June I took on another job….looking after the plants for a local restaurant, namely the roof terrace herb garden and also all the indoor planting. So a certain amount of time was spent looking for new plants for inside, and nice ceramic planters, also removing plants from the roof terrace that had either died or were in a bad state, and planting new. I also included a few perennials and flowering plants to cheer it up!

Its looking good but boy oh boy this hot weather means watering, watering, watering! A few things are struggling now ( bit like me in the heat!!) but we shall see and if needs be I shall have to plant again in the autumn.

The roof terrace is a wonderful area, great place to sit and the view just stunning! What a fab place to work!


June also saw me going to the Royal Cornwall Show….never been to a show like that before! Good fun…saw horse-jumping, sheep-shearing, lots of VERY big Bulls, Falconry, and even saw Price Charles and Camilla!!! Good day out, so much to see, will definitely go again next year and try to see more!


One of my jewellery buys in June was a gizmo to create perfect waves in a bangle…its so good! Very easy to use and you can get different moulds depending on how many waves you want. I got it from a company called Proops Brothers, they sell lots of different tools for all sorts of things, and very reasonably priced too! So I’ve made a few bangles in different thicknesses of Eco Silver wire and we shall see if they are popular!


I’ve been selling so so well lately from Etsy so I’m very pleased, I did review my pricing and that together with increasing the number of listings seems to have made a difference. I’ve also used a couple of times now a great promotional company www.britishcrafters.co.uk who state on their site ‘With a Facebook following of over 25K, over 47K Twitter followers and over 16K Instagram followers we really can take the strain off you and promote your shop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Instagram!’ They are lovely to deal with and I’m very sure they have made a difference to my sales.

June saw me make my first sale to another country! A pair of cufflinks to Germany, and very strangely in the same week, ANOTHER sale to a man in Germany buying a present for his lady 🙂 It did make me realise however that my prices for posting abroad were too low!!!



One of my sales this month was an Art Deco Pendant that I made with Eco Silver and a vivid blue fused glass centre. The lady who bought it was thrilled with it and it was a gift for her mother. she wrote such a lovely review:



‘I’m thrilled with the necklace, it is beautifully made and arrived incredibly quickly in gorgeous packaging. I’m so pleased with it, it’ll make a lovely gift’

I also sent these earrings to a repeat customer who wanted them with hooks rather than studs, so I duly obliged and received this review:

‘Just beautiful. Sent a query, had an answer, ordered the earings and had them on my doorstep within 3 days. Love it. I will be back! Thank you so much 💜’

It really brings a smile to your face when you get nice comments and it gives me such a happy feeling which lasts for ages 🙂




My best selling pendant in June has to be the Russian Ring Pendant, or Trinity Pendant. Made from 3 interlocking rings its a stunner!

To date I’ve only made it in Solid Eco Silver but my next plan is to make one in Silver, Copper and Yellow Gold…I reckon it will look amazing!! Would you buy one???


To date I’ve only made it in Solid Eco Silver but my next plan is to make one in Silver, Copper and Yellow Gold…I reckon it will look amazing!! Would you buy one???

Lots of ideas have been swirling around my head but in all honesty I’m just so busy! I DO want to make some more Dichroic Glass jewellery as I’ve SO SO MANY cabochons waiting for me in my workshop and they are calling out to be set in silver! My daughter is always telling me how many comments she gets on the pendant I made her so lets just do it! they will suit the Boho, hippy, Festival, Arty market so why not eh! Here’s a ring only just done with some large hoop Boho Earrings! Cool eh!


I’ve had a number of commissions which include one of my Silver Circle Infinity necklaces which a lady bought for herself and then decided to get one for her sister who’d just had a baby! She also commissioned a set of stacking bangles for her mother with a tag on stamped with an Infinity on one side and the roman numerals for 13 on the other…her 13th grandchild!! Another lady wanted the Russian ring Pendant but hammered on one side only as she was going to get the reverse side engraved 🙂

Other works this month have included a pretty Semicolon pendant for Mental Health.

Wear this and remind yourself YOUR STORY ISN’T OVER YET X

The semicolon symbol represents mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention.

But why a semicolon?

“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.”

This piece is for those who would like to support those fighting mental health stigma, have a love with with mental illness or a personal reminder; mental illness or not; be strong, don’t give up and keep fighting.

My work with Silver and Fairtrade Gold continues as will items made with those beautiful Swarvoski crystals so watch this space for more news on items made!! Time for me to go as the workshop needs me and got to get cracking so more updates at the end of the month 🙂 XXX

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  1. Ijustlove readingyour blogs Julie and I want to tell you how proud of you I am. Love you Mum xx

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