March 2018

So here we are again! Been meaning to do this for days but doesn’t life get so so busy!!

I live in Polzeath, Cornwall but seem to be spending quite a bit of time dashing between Bath, Somerset and here…well with a new grandson (my first), family commitments as my mother is in Wiltshire, my daughter living in Bath and son and wife with baby in the Chew Valley we seem to be on the road quite a bit! How I find time to make jewellery I shall never know!!!

My grandson is just GORGEOUS and his parents are getting on so well…all seems very relaxed and ‘chilled’ when we are there!teddie 3 weeks

He’s healthy and they’re so so happy, as am I to be a Nana!

So back to jewellery…well I had good intentions of doing more but the weather lately has been a bit on the chilly side!! My workshop is in the garden and even though I can have an electric heater out there there’s no insulation in the floor and my feet have been FREEZING!! So… I stopped for a bit…just no point when that cold….we are in Cornwall and usually warmer down here but wow…bit of a shock going into minus figures! And snow on the beach..whats that all about!! It looked positively arctic!

snow in polz

Sales have been quite slow post christmas so I’ve been trying to get my head around the direction I will take. I have to say I’ve really been enjoying using GOLD in my work…there are SO SO MANY Silversmiths out there…using Silver is great and I love it myself but just for a change I think the Yellow Gold is gorgeous. It makes the item even more Special, and of course adds value to the piece, ( and costs more to make!!!) but I think the end result is super duper.

I tend now to use Ecosilver which is RECYCLED STERLING SILVER and have been using RECYCLED GOLD too. I think people nowadays are quite eco conscious so it can only be a good thing. I also use Recycled gift boxes stamped with my logo.

Here are a few of my Silver and Gold pieces:


The wrap ring has been very popular and we shall see how the Rock Pool range goes. I’ve taken to also making some LONGER necklaces and pendants as up til now I’ve usually done ones that are 16 – 18″ but many woman prefer the longer ones. They can of course also be used for layering which can be very fashionable. Longer necklaces again are less often seen…usually because of course they are using more material be it silver or gold and are therefore more expensive to make and so sell at a higher price…that’s business!!

The latest works I’ve made are still on the silver and gold theme with some pendants and stacking rings.



I have a great little dremel drill to drill holes through the silver but annoyingly the drill bits just kept breaking when I was trying to drill through THICK pieces of silver. So….I’ve bought a hand drill! Slow to do but it gets there in the end and I’m so pleased with the heart pendant I’ve made!



With using all these recycled materials I’ve investigated using Fairtrade Gold and am now a FAIRTRADE FOUNDATION REGISTERED JEWELLER so will be buying some soon! I really feel that considering i haven’t been in this business 2 years yet I’m quite proud of what I’ve achieved so far…just hope that my work is enjoyed by you all and those that have bought are pleased with their items. I shall continue to strive to be better and you can check my developments by reading my blog! And any requests just let me know!


Right….time to finish taking pics of jewellery (not something I find easy at all so apologies if they aren’t as professional as others!) STILL haven’t finished sorting this website either….Keep going Jules…keep going x



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