January 2018

Hello all and Happy New Year!!

First of all THANK YOU to all you lovely people that have supported, encouraged and bought from me last year. Is truly appreciated, and I so love you all! 

Well its January 2018 now and I’ve been having a rethink on how to run the small business I have!

Last year was my first full year of trading and I started with an Etsy Store, a Facebook page and managed to become involved with my local gallery here in Polzeath, Cornwall. called Zeath.

What I found was that there was a flurry of Etsy sales at the start which then dwindled and dwindled through the year. I don’t really understand as my jewellery and pricing remained much the same but have been told its all to do with Search Engines. I’m afraid that’s all beyond me!!!

There are also THOUSANDS of people selling silver jewellery on Etsy so competition is fierce, and consequently difficult to get sales.

I’ve had lots of interest through Facebook but little sales so I think its best I keep this website up to date with a monthly blog.

My first year of sales has been fantastic but its taken a while to work out what you lovely customers tend to want! What sells well at the beach in Polzeath is not the same as the items that sell inland! These have sold from Zeath Gallery, Polzeath.

A large selection of my jewellery is for sale at a Gallery not too far from Polzeath, in the town of Wadebridge. The Gallery is called Mog and Crusoe www.mogandcrusoe.com and owned by Jo, a lovely, talented artist. I’m very happy that I have her support and she has sold many of my pieces. Customers go to her gallery looking for that SPECIAL item, a UNIQUE one-off! These are a few of the items sold there last year.


So, the summer was a busy one and I spend a day most weeks working at the Zeath Gallery. Its lovely to see customers and have a chat, and I can also pop out onto the balcony that overlooks the beach at Polzeath. How lucky am I!!! PLUS the Tubestation cafe next door has wonderful cakes and coffee!! The Zeath Gallery closed at the end of October as the ‘tourist’ season slowed down and will reopen February half Term 🙂

Towards the end of last year I got in touch with a gallery by the South Coast in Fowey. I think its important that you choose to contact galleries that are a distance from each other and many galleries in Cornwall have a kind of unwritten rule not to take artists work if they are already in a gallery close by. Makes perfect sense to me and I only want to be in a selected few places. That way I can concentrate on them and they also feel you care more about them 🙂

I had been seen on Instagram, by a gallery called Toe in The Water www.toeinthewater.com in Fowey and I loved the idea of having some of my work in that area. I’d actually never visited Fowey so took a trip there one day to see what it was like and where the gallery was. What a quaint place…lots of little roads, boats, harbour, nice cafes and the gallery in a perfect location on the route down to Fowey from the car park!! So I contacted Max the owner, also a very good artist, arranged to see him with some of my work and he’s taken some in to sell. Here’s my jewellery in his window 🙂

A number of items have sold there and its exciting to see how my jewellery sells during this year!

This year then sees me firstly trying to get this website better laid out, if I can!! (not the greatest with computers!!)

My jewellery this year will have more emphasis on Statement pieces, and also include more use of 9CT YELLOW GOLD, BEADS/PEARLS,  & RECYCLED GOLD AND SILVER following the Fashion trends as seen on the Catwalks!

I’d better get on now as lots to do, jewellery to make and customers to contact! Heres a few pieces just finished for you to see 🙂


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